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Skilled Counsel On Trust Administration

Trusts provide a flexible way to accomplish many estate planning goals such as avoiding probate or taking care of family members with special needs. Unlike the estate administration process, however, there is relatively little court supervision for trusts — which means the potential for problems is always there.

At the law firm of J. Jeffrey Press, our attorneys provide trusted guidance on the estate administration process for a full range of stakeholders. This includes people setting up trusts, beneficiaries of trusts and trustees who administer trusts.

Give us a call today at 973-323-2654 to discuss your specific needs and concerns regarding trust administration. From our office in Parsippany, we serve clients throughout northern New Jersey.

What Interests Do You Have At Stake?

Trust administration differs in important respects from probate and estate administration supervised by a court. Trustees have considerable discretion in how they manage trust assets and account to beneficiaries.

Usually having so much discretion works well. But sometimes trustees engage in self-dealing, fraud or other conduct that is contrary to the interests of the beneficiaries. In formal terms, those types of conduct are considered a breach of fiduciary duty. Such a breach can give rise to actions to remove a trustee or to reclaim misappropriated funds.

Whether you are a beneficiary, a trustee or another interested party, our attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. This includes being aware of how New Jersey’s adoption of the Uniform Trust Code (UTC) in 2016 affects trustees’ duties to keep beneficiaries informed about what is going on with the trust.

Our lawyers can also advise you on how to best resolve disputes involving family members serving as trustees or as executors in estate administration.

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