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As we become older, estate planning becomes more urgent. Issues such as asset protection, gift planning, minimization of estate taxes and planning for incapacity may be the keys to preserving your assets and protecting your loved ones. Unless you plan for issues such as nursing home care, your estate can literally pay the price.

At the law office of J. Jeffrey Press, P.A., our experienced elder law attorneys can review your estate plan and suggest changes that would protect your assets and your beneficiaries. With decades of combined experience, we understand what is at stake when an estate plan is out of date or otherwise doesn’t meet the needs of the parties involved.

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The Importance Of Reviewing Your Estate Plan

Individual and family situations change as we get older, and the estate plan that made sense for you five years ago may not make sense for you today. For example, a will that transfers all of your assets to your spouse upon your death may be the opposite of what you want to happen if your spouse is in a nursing home.

Planning For Incapacity

Having a durable power of attorney in place can save your family the expense and the complications and delay of a guardianship proceeding if you should become incapacitated by an accident, stroke or other disabling health condition. Determining in advance who you want to be in charge of your affairs can also save your family from a dispute over who should be the guardian.

By signing a living will (advance health care directive) that tells everyone what care you want if you are in a terminal condition, you can remove the burden from your family of deciding what you would have wanted.

We can help you create these important documents to give you peace of mind and protect your family from dispute and heartache.

Planning For Long-Term Care

Irrevocable trusts, long-term care insurance and Medicaid planning are examples of things you can do to keep your assets from being exhausted by payments for nursing home care. Rely on us to help you implement the strategy that best fits your situation.

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