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November 2019 Archives

How does a power of attorney fit into an estate plan?

Estate planning should be based on the individual needs and desires of plan creators. While many of the estate planning tools that are included in individuals' end of life plans focus on how their property will be dealt with after their deaths, some serve the important role of providing guidance on estate matters when the planners are still alive. Although it may not seem like living individuals should need documentation to support their wishes regarding their lives, incapacitation and illness can rob them of their abilities to communicate their plans and wishes. In the event of incapacitation and illness, individuals can put into place powers of attorney to help them.

What does it mean to be of "sound mind" when planning a will?

Executing a will is an important legal process that can alter the way a person's estate and assets are distributed when they pass away. Because of this, some beneficiaries may be greatly enriched by a loved one's estate plan. Similarly, some who feel as though they should have benefitted from a loved one's will may discover that they were left out.

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