Holding Executors Accountable

Agreeing to serve as the executor of someone's estate is an important responsibility. Most people who agree to serve do well in the role. But sometimes disputes between executors and beneficiaries arise — often due to unresolved family conflicts that go back many years.

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What Type Of Wrongdoing May Have Occurred?

Executors get in trouble for several main reasons. These include:

  • Favoring one beneficiary over another — An executor has a duty to treat all beneficiaries evenhandedly. If an executor fails to distribute assets in accordance with the will, intestacy laws, or by agreement of the parties, the action can be challenged.
  • Self-dealing, fraud or theft — Sometimes executors misuse their position in order to sell assets to themselves for a sweetheart price, commit fraud or engage in outright theft.
  • Charging improper or excessive fees to the estate — Executors are entitled to get paid for their work. But the compensation is not unlimited and if they reimburse themselves excessively, it's a breach of duty.
  • Improper handling of the family residence — A common scenario is for a family member to move into the home of the person who died and then refuse to leave. This can make it difficult to sell the house and to distribute the proceeds to all beneficiaries.

No matter what happened, our attorneys have the experience in estate litigation needed to protect your rights aggressively.

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