I would like to thank you for your diligence in seeing this confusing process through. Your professionalism and patience led us to the appropriate outcome despite my frequent bouts of frustration.

The legal system moves slowly at times, a difficult thing for a "type A" like myself to deal with. Because of your persistence and thorough understanding of estate law, the outcome was, as you know, substantially better than what was originally presented by the executor.

Thank you again Jeff,
Ken Dale

One of the most important decisions one can make in a lifetime is how to provide for those, near and dear, after death. Selecting the best estate advisor is also of paramount importance since one must be comfortable with the resulting final document. So saying, I would not only suggest, but firmly direct, anyone to Jeff Press, my estate attorney of choice.

In establishing, and later updating my will, Jeff Press has considered and addressed areas which other attorneys, for whatever reasons, overlook. He is ultra-comfortable and most capable in his field.

Am I satisfied with Jeff Press? Absolutely! And, all others seeking and using his good counsel will be equally satisfied.

Sanford G